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A Boutique Law Firm Providing Strategic Business and Real Estate Dispute Resolution

As a well-established boutique litigation-oriented firm, we provide distinct advantages that competitors cannot match.  At Nadel & Ciarlo, P.C., our lawyers’ capabilities, results and accomplishments are on a par with and beyond those of far larger law firms.

  • Direct access to experienced attorneys — The intimate details of client matters are attended directly by our attorneys, not squadrons of paralegals.
  • More than 25 years of focused knowledge and experience — We do not try to be all things to all clients. We excel in our core areas of practice.
  • Courtroom experience and success — We embrace litigation when it makes sense for our clients, establishing ourselves quickly as formidable opponents.
  • Efficient resolution of complex problems — Litigating both sides gives us a broader perspective. We know the law, the core issues, the intricacies and entanglements.

A Preeminent NYC Real Estate and Business Law Firm

Nadel & Ciarlo serves New York City in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our legal team delivers quality legal counsel and representation in four main categories of practice:

Real estate law — Direct dispute resolution and litigation; breach of purchase, sale, and other contracts; partition, construction, fraud litigation; license, co-ownership and title disputes; complex transactions.

Condo and co-op law — Representation of boards, owners and shareholders in a wide range of matters, including day-to-day operations, disputes and litigation, board issues, bylaws, management issues, renovations, damage, repairs, and maintenance/common charge disputes.

Landlord-tenant matters — Representation of commercial and residential landlords and tenants in evictions, holdovers and other lease disputes.

Business counsel and litigation — General legal counsel, case negotiations and drafting, representation in contract disputes, dissolution, shareholder and member litigation, and other conflicts.

Our industry-specific knowledge, attention to details and courtroom skills enable Nadel & Ciarlo, P.C. to anticipate and resolve issues efficiently and effectively. At every stage of the litigation process, we deliver analysis, options, strategy and preparation to put our clients in position for the most favorable outcome.

Manhattan Trial Lawyers With Over 25 Years of Experience

We invite you to contact our New York City law firm of Nadel & Ciarlo contact us online to arrange an appointment.