Resolving Building, Management and Construction Issues for Condos and Co-Ops

Conflicts may arise when owners want to make changes to their units or when there is disagreement about building maintenance, upkeep, financial responsibility, construction, damages or repairs.

The New York City law firm of Nadel & Ciarlo can intervene in these tense and tangled disputes. We represent condo and co-op boards as well as condo owners and co-op shareholders in construction, management and repair issues.

We Resolve Building Maintenance and Management Issues
Repairs · Construction · Alteration Agreements

The bylaws, proprietary lease or house rules may be ambiguous, and any contract or regulation is open to interpretation. Our experienced attorneys bring more than 25 years of applied insight and interpretation to legal disputes between management and unit owners regarding:

  • Upkeep of common areas, facade, roof, walkways and security measures
  • Responsibility for flooding or other damage
  • Timeliness or responsibility for cost of repairs
  • Renovations
  • Alteration agreements
  • Maintenance fees and common charges
  • Building and house rules vs. privacy rights
  • Lax, selective or arbitrary enforcement of rules
  • Breach of warranty of habitability
  • Contractor, general contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • License to access, permits, defects
  • Construction noise, dust and disruption

New York’s Rules for Construction or Remodeling of Co-Ops and Condominiums

Co-op and condo owners want to make their living space their own. However, renovations of cooperatives and condominiums are governed by state, city and local laws, local building codes, and co-op and condo bylaws. Owners must usually sign a detailed alteration agreement with their building before commencing any work. These agreements commonly contain detailed pages and require the signature of the owner and involvement by the contractor, architect, and/or engineer especially for renovations involving plumbing, electrical, HVAC or load-bearing walls.

Our attorneys can review and negotiate alteration agreements, construction contracts and related documents on behalf of owners/shareholders or on behalf of boards, associations and property managers. Our experience enables us to anticipate pitfalls and to protect our clients’ interests in the event that disputes arise.

Contact Us to Resolve Your Construction, Management or Repair Dispute

Our early intervention can save both parties much difficulty and expense by finding common ground and practical solutions. Our lawyers have litigated management, maintenance, repair and alteration disputes in city, state and federal courts in the greater New York City area.

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