Legal Counsel for Owners of Co-Op and Condo Units

Owning a cooperative or condominium apartment has its amenities and advantages. Yet co-op shareholders and condo owners also face unique legal problems such as clashes with the board or building management, with other residents or their own co-owners or renters, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, architects, or engineers.

The law firm of Nadel & Ciarlo represents co-op and condo unit owners in conflicts and legal negotiations with boards and other parties. Our lawyers bring more than 25 years of experience in problem-solving and litigation in the niche field of co-op and condo law, serving owners and shareholders throughout New York City.

Experienced, Practical Co-Op and Condominium Lawyers

The knowledgeable attorneys of Nadel & Ciarlo extensively advise and represent co-op and condo boards as well as owners and shareholders. We are committed to the interests of our clients, and find that our understanding of both the management and owner perspective enables us to forge realistic and cost-conscious solutions. That said, we are skilled trial lawyers who are prepared to advocate forcefully for you in court.

Our experience on behalf of unit owners includes:

  • Alteration, repair and maintenance issues
  • Disputes with the board over bylaws, house rules, the board approval process or proprietary leases.
  • Issues in buying or selling co-op shares (flip tax, proprietary leases, board approval)
  • Issues in purchase or sale of condominiums (transfer tax, deed transfer, right of first refusal)
  • Control of the board or removal of board members
  • Conflicts with neighboring owners (noise, nuisance, damage, smoke, etc.)
  • Common area disputes and repair costs
  • Disputes over common charges and maintenance fees
  • Breach of the Warranty of Habitability
  • Leaks, water damage, failure to repair
  • Disputes over allowable use of common areas
  • Alteration agreements
  • Construction/renovation plans
  • Landlord problems with renters
  • Subleasing of co-ops and condos

Many conflicts can revolve around neighboring units and common areas, as parties do not always see eye to eye, or they meet resistance from the board. Building rules are also a frequent source of disputes, balancing privacy rights with nuisance complaints, or holding the board accountable for reasonable restrictions and evenhanded enforcement.

Representing the Interests of Owners and Shareholders

Our attorneys have extensive experience with the legal rights and practical considerations important to owners. We strive to resolve problems out of court, but we regularly represent clients in contested matters before city, state and federal courts of New York City.

Please contact our New York City lawyers for condo and co-op owners at contact us online to arrange an appointment.