Strategic Resolution of New York Co-Owner, Title and Deed Disputes

Our firm is frequently called upon to resolve disputes between co-owners of property, adjacent property owners and other parties with competing interests. Resolving these conflicts demands a combination of specialized legal knowledge, excellent strategy, solid experience and demonstrated courtroom ability.

Nadel & Ciarlo is recognized as a preeminent New York City law firm for real estate disputes and litigation, with more than 25 years of experience representing either party in these tense and complicated matters. Our legal team has a proven ability to engineer compromises, negotiate settlements, interpret complex title, co-owner and deed issues, and litigate when necessary.

Litigation and Resolution of Co-Owner Disputes

A common dispute is one between co-owners of real estate with divergent interests — such as unmarried couples who bought property together, siblings who inherited property, or business partners with joint property. We commence and defend partition actions between co-owners, whether they are couples, former couples, relatives or co-investors. These actions serve to resolve the numerous legal and financial issues that arise when parties desire to go their separate ways, or when one party fails to contribute to the upkeep or to comply with an agreement relating to ownership. A solution may involve selling and splitting the proceeds, dividing properties, or arranging a buyout of one or more parties. We aim for out-of-court resolutions, but we are prepared to litigate as aggressively as necessary to assert and defend our clients’ interests.

Our experienced lawyers handle the full spectrum of co-owner, title and deed issues related to real estate:

  • Partition and accounting actions
  • Financial issues resolution
  • Quiet title actions to resolve or preclude claims
  • License and access for property improvement
  • Declaratory judgments
  • Easements or other right-of-way issues
  • Adverse possession litigation
  • Fraudulent transfer of deeds
  • Resolving title defects in anticipation of transactions
  • Air rights
  • Beneficial and/or nominee interests
  • Adjacent property use affecting title or value of property

Experienced Representation in Property and Real Estate Disputes

Our New York City title and deed attorneys handle real estate disputes in city, state and federal courts. We have the thorough knowledge of complicated laws and regulations combined with the experience and ability to achieve successful outcomes.

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