Expeditious, Effective Resolution Of Landlord-Tenant Disputes

A commercial lease or an apartment lease is a contract. If either the landlord or the tenant fails to adhere to the terms, the other party has legal recourse based on the nature of the specific contractual relationship and the terms breached.

The New York City law firm of Nadel & Ciarlo represents commercial and residential landlords and tenants in all types of lease disputes and court actions in the Housing, Civil and Supreme courts. Depending on the circumstances, we may help clients negotiate a solution, force compliance, recover damages, structure a buyout or terminate the lease.

Experience Handling Many Lease Issues

Our lawyers represent property owners and tenants concerning either compliance or default relating to their lease terms. Having litigated both sides of these matters, we can anticipate the strategies and statutory objections to protect our clients and make sure the terms of the lease are properly enforced.

Nadel & Ciarlo is experienced in handling lease disputes and litigation, including:

  • Holdover actions
  • Nuisance and violations (noise, unauthorized guests, illegal sublets, pets, etc.)
  • Failure to comply with lease
  • Disputes between roommates or estranged couples
  • Succession rights
  • License termination
  • Notice to cure
  • 30-day notice
  • Notice of termination
  • Month-to-month
  • Illegal sublet
  • Personal use holdover
  • Repair and maintenance disputes
  • Nonprimary residence
  • Yellowstone injunctions
  • Mechanics liens
  • Nonpayment proceedings

We initiate (and challenge) holdover actions where landlords seek possession of property involving a breach of the lease or where it has expired. Our attorneys are well-versed in the specific procedures and criteria concerning lease disputes based upon reasons other than rent.

Effective Dispute Resolution For Landlords And Tenants

We represent landlords and tenants in disputes over repairs and maintenance such as floods, leaks, damage, negligence, neglect and disrepair. Sometimes there is a stalemate or escalation — tenants withholding rent because of unmet demands or property owners refusing to perform legally required work without cause or because of lease violations or unpaid rent. Our lawyers can negotiate a resolution to these conflicts, structure buyouts or provide experienced representation in Housing Court.

Contact Our Results-Oriented Attorneys To Resolve Your Dispute

It is important for landlords or tenants to get into court quickly to assert their rights. Likewise, any solutions should be formalized in court. We stay aggressive in holdover actions and nonpayment proceedings to protect our clients and ensure that parties are adhering to the lease provisions.

Please contact our NYC commercial and residential landlord-tenant attorneys contact us online to arrange an appointment.