What are my rights as the property owner?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes, Real Estate Disputes

Owning property is a significant responsibility, but it comes with certain rights and accompanying benefits. Your fundamental rights as the owner include possessing, controlling, allowing access to others, maintaining privacy and using it as mortgage collateral. You also have the right to give the property to another person or withhold access from others.

Aside from these privileges, owners can also enjoy the following rights:

  • Right to use, including surface, subsurface and water rights
  • Right to utilize the space above the property or air rights
  • Right to improve the property in compliance with local zoning laws and building codes
  • Development rights, permitting others that own any properties next to it to construct a structure on it as part of a bigger project

These rights typically apply in any situation, but some laws could pose restrictions. Sometimes, entities sell or pledge air space over properties separately. Before purchasing the property, you should have learned about it to avoid committing violations.

Zoning laws also enforce strict limitations on home property improvements, potentially requiring extensive permits and paperwork even before you could begin construction. Conflicts involving your rights and these regulations may lead to disputes, necessitating professional legal help.

Knowing the appropriate resolution options

Whether a zoning or building code violation, the law provides procedures to correct and address it. As a property owner, you should comply, similar to how other owners follow the law when constructing a building or making improvements.

If you receive any notices for unclear violations, consulting an experienced lawyer about the issue could be helpful. They could guide you through the process and explain any complicated topics. After taking the appropriate resolution options, they could also help you navigate what to do next if you feel unsatisfied about the outcome.