How can I address construction disturbances?

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Any form of construction project may involve the use of noisy machines and equipment. It could be normal for these sites to produce excessive sounds, but they can become too loud, disrupting nearby homes and residential buildings. Whether it is a neighbor or the city’s project, these noises can be construction disturbances impacting others’ daily lives.

Fortunately, there are ways to address this disruption, depending on whether the complainant is a property owner or a renter. The appropriate way to address these disturbances can vary based on the resident’s rights, such as in the following scenarios:

  • Renters often have limited options when addressing nearby construction noises. If a neighbor within the same building is causing the disturbance, they could review their lease or bylaws to check if there are restrictions for construction hours, which can also vary based on city ordinances. If a violation exists, they can first speak to the property owner, who can take corrective measures. Typically, the owner or the building’s management would be responsible for resolving the complaint, but if the disturbance recurs, the complainant may seek other legal options.
  • Property owners can immediately address the disturbances by approaching the neighbor about the noise. The city usually has designated window hours for construction. If the neighbor fails to comply with it, the owner can go straight to the authorities to make a formal complaint.

Some forms of construction disturbances can cause damage. These situations can lead to disputes, possibly requiring other legal remedies based on the circumstances.

Navigating disputes stemming from construction disturbances

Some issues involving a neighbor’s construction project can be simple, requiring little to no intervention. However, others can be too severe and involve losses, necessitating legal action. If these instances cause disputes, seeking legal counsel can be helpful, mainly if other issues exist that could have legal consequences.