What can you do to get along with new neighbors?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Real Estate Disputes

When it comes to living next to neighbors, you probably want to get along. The last thing that anyone wants is to live through a feud with someone who is angry at them. There are some things you should do and not do when you’re communicating with your new neighbors.

First, do consider how your neighbors live before you move into a property. If you hear loud music when you look at the property, there’s a chance it’s a daily occurrence. You should also look at what the view is like from your property. Can your neighbors see you in your home or garage? Will the things you normally do be obvious or even obnoxious to your neighbors?

Also look at the title or deed to find out if you can build, expand or otherwise change your property. Construction can be loud, so it’s up to you to be in compliance with local laws on noise and other disturbances.

Another thing to remember is that people are only human. Sometimes a party might get out of hand or the neighbors might work later than expected on a project. You may find that the same happens to you. Try not to be too tough on your neighbors, so they respect you when you make mistakes, too.

Finally, if your neighbors are being disrespectful and you’ve already spoken to them, it’s a good idea to seek out help from a legal professional. Sometimes a simple letter from a lawyer is all it takes to squash problems and prevent them from turning into a long-term feud.

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