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Experienced counsel for New York eviction and nonpayment cases

New York City landlords know that when a tenant falls behind in their rent payments, taking legal action is sometimes the only realistic option. Collecting delinquent rent or evicting a tenant for nonpayment can be difficult and costly without experienced counsel.

New York City's diverse rental market

For newcomers to New York, the city's apartment rental market can seem bewilderingly complex. New York has about two million apartments and they fall into several categories of housing, some of which are distinct to the city. In this post we will try to take some of the mystery out of the New York rental market by providing an overview of the three main types of rental units.

How do New York zoning districts regulate land use?

Zoning is a key component of municipal planning. New York City has been a leader in zoning since 1916, when it passed the nation's first comprehensive land use zoning law. Zoning laws regulate how land can be used, the size of buildings, and the density -- the maximum permitted number of residential units -- of neighborhoods.

New York condo board sues fashion designer over home renovation

A recent post in this blog discussed the importance of condo owners getting approval from their condo board before undertaking any renovation of their units. A lawsuit recently filed in New York Supreme Court alleges one defendant failed to get condo board approval for an extensive renovation. But in this case the defendant is not a condo owner in the building; she's the owner of the townhouse next door.

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