Experienced counsel for New York eviction and nonpayment cases

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

New York City landlords know that when a tenant falls behind in their rent payments, taking legal action is sometimes the only realistic option. Collecting delinquent rent or evicting a tenant for nonpayment can be difficult and costly without experienced counsel.

It is important to move quickly to protect your rights in nonpayment and eviction proceedings. At Nadel & Ciarlo we handle these cases on a regular basis and we know how to avoid the pitfalls that can ensnare those without experience in this area.

At Nadel & Ciarlo we represent New York City landlords and tenants in non-payment rent proceedings, holdover actions, and nuisance and lease violation cases. In representing landlords we know that a nonpaying tenant can quickly cause a significant financial loss. In non-payment cases we understand the importance of moving promptly to make a demand for past due rent and serve proper notice of nonpayment. We are familiar with the procedures necessary to ultimately obtain a judgment in court.

We are also familiar with lease disputes that do not involve non-payment of rent. We are experienced in holdover actions, in which the landlord seeks to regain possession of the property from a tenant who has violated lease provisions other than rent payment.

Landlord-tenant cases sometimes involve acrimonious disputes related to repair and maintenance issues. We may attempt to negotiate a resolution with the tenant if that is our client’s wish; if negotiations prove unsuccessful we are prepared to represent the landlord in New York Housing Court.

For more information on our representation of landlords in eviction and nonpayment matters, please feel free to visit our web page.