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When must a landlord waive a no-pets policy?

Landlords in New York generally include some language in tenant agreements that addresses the issue of pets. This language can be general or very specific. There are legal precedents, though, for a landlord being forced to waive a no-pets policy: namely, if a tenant has a service or support animal.

New York landlord hires private eye to investigate tenant

Evicting a tenant in New York can be a complicated process for landlords. There are several reasons landlords start eviction proceedings with tenants, including lease violations and not paying rent. Violating the terms of a lease agreement is one of the most common reasons landlords evict tenants, and a recent eviction dispute in New York shows just how far some landlords will go to legally evict a tenant suspected of violating her lease.

New York firm liable for trying to evict elderly tenant

A federal judge recently ruled that a law firm in New York City is liable for trying to evict a tenant from their building. After the court ruling, the law firm agreed to pay $22,000 to the elderly tenant they tried to evict based off incorrect records. They also agreed to pay $108,000 in legal fees.

Issues to consider before signing a lease with roommates

Deciding to live with roommates can be a difficult decision to make. Many people in New York have to have a roommate to afford their apartment while others enjoy the extra company. Whatever the reason for having roommates, individuals need to be aware of the impact having mulitple roommates will have on their life.

Landlord trying to evict pizzeria owner in New York

The relationship between landlords and tenants in New York may be impacted after commercial real estate buildings are sold to different owners. Commercial property investments can lead to disputes between landlords and tenants and resolving these disputes can be complicated and time-consuming for everyone involved.

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