How can I avoid real estate litigation?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes

Litigation is a part of life, particularly if you are a business owner or are actively involved in real estate. However, even if you are simply looking to manage disputes related to your rental contract as a tenant, litigation may become part of your life as well.

However, in nearly all instances it is beneficial to all parties involved in potential real estate litigation to seek other ways of solving the problem. Often, it is best to try and avoid disputes before they get to the point of litigating. According to FindLaw, it is vital for all parties involved in budding real estate disputes to remember the ‘golden rule,’ and to strive to improve communications.

What is the golden rule?

Essentially, the golden rule is to remember to try and treat everybody the way that you would like others to treat you. While this advice may seem sophomoric in the face of litigation, taking a step back and trying to imagine the situation from the perspective of the other party can help avoid expensive headaches.

Taking the time to understand what could potentially motivate the other party to litigate is often the first step toward preventing said litigation. Seeking common ground can help avoid litigation altogether, or at least encourage both parties to settle the matter agreeably.

What about communications?

Direct communication between tenant and landlord or buyer and seller can also neutralize a lot of potential conflict. Many times, litigation occurs because one party does not promptly respond to communication from the other side. In this instance, sending a letter on time might save hundreds of hours wasted in the courtroom. Keeping communications timely and on-point helps keep cases out of the courts.