Washington Heights apartment tenants claim mistreatment

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

There are times when landlords and tenants may have disputes. In these cases, it’s very important for both sides to be open and honest when they speak with one another. Respect can go a long way when you are in a contracted relationship with one another.

For the most part, landlords do what they can to stop problems that hurt their tenants. Take, for instance, a leak that occurred in a Washington Heights apartment. The leak moved down through several apartments, damaging floors, ceilings and other areas. The tenants let the superintendent and the property management company know about the damage, but they claim that repairs were only superficial.

These properties were rent-stabilized properties, and they were sold in 2017 to a new owner, Shamah Properties. The tenants claim the improvements to the building happened almost immediately following new ownership. Now, they wonder if the problems were a result of a landlord’s cheap fixes.

One tenant said that the landlord repaired the leak, first with cardboard and then with sheetrock, but mold still occurred as a result of the rain. The new landlords say they’re doing all they can to address the issues as they arise, but they inherited many issues, including leaks, when they acquired the property.

Some believe that the new owners are trying to force them out of the property, so it cannot be rent stabilized any longer. Landlords are able to increase rent rates significantly for new tenants, so current tenants feel they may not be getting the best treatment. The company denies those allegations, but it’s still something tenants must watch out for in New York.