Billing disputes, landlords and tenants: Resolve your issues

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

One thing that sometimes happens after a tenancy ends is that the landlord and tenant have a dispute about money owed. Even if a tenant pays through the lease, there may be damages and a deposit to deal with.

If you do end up in a billing dispute with your landlord, keep in mind that there are steps to take to resolve them amicably. With good negotiation skills and a cool head, it’s easier to get through this situation.

How can you handle billing disputes?

First, you need to communicate with your landlord. What is the problem, and what exactly needs to be fixed or repaired? Is there proof of the damage? Do you have your own proof that it was there upon move in? If the repair bill seems high, it may be reasonable to ask for the itemized quote.

The next thing to remember is always to keep a cool head and to react calmly. You need to take the emotions out of the transaction and remember that, to the landlord, this is just business. The same should be true for you. If you break something, paying for repairs is typical. Likewise, if something was broken when you moved in or was something the landlord was supposed to fix, it’s fair to expect that as a tenant.

Our site has more information on landlord disputes and tenant disputes. If you are in a dispute, it’s likely you’re not communicating well, but with the right knowledge and support, it’s possible to get out of this situation and resolve the problem.