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You can file a claim if a co-op is negligent

Living in a co-op can be a great experience, but it can also come with its own downsides. Here's a scenario to consider. If you recently had your entire apartment refinished, spending lots of money, and then had your home flooded, you'd be looking to see who would be liable for the damage. Your apartment is a co-op, meaning there is a manager who takes care of the general building while you own your own home through a shareholder status.

What to look for when you want to buy a short sale or foreclosure

When you're ready to buy a home, one thing you might be considering is looking for a foreclosure or short sale. Both homes tend to be at fair market values or lower, making them a potentially great deal. There are some things to know about this kind of transaction, though.

Boundary disputes can cause major disruptions in New York

Boundary disputes can quickly become a problem between neighbors, so it's important to resolve them as quickly as possible. While it's possible that you may have to go to court to resolve your claims or the claims your neighbor has made, you may also benefit from mediation or negotiating through your attorneys.

What does a landlord have to do before eviction?

If you have a tenant who has not paid his or her rent, there are steps you can take to make your tenant pay. On the flip side, if you're the tenant, you should know your rights and how you should expect to be treated by your landlord when you owe rent. In both situations, working with your attorney can help you through this process in the most effective manner.

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