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Legal reasons landlords can kick out their tenants

When a tenant signs a lease, the landlord then has a contractual obligation to allow the person to live in the property. Even though the landlord owns the property, the tenant cannot simply be thrown out without cause. However, there are legal reasons that tenants can be evicted.

Dedicated advocacy in commercial landlord-tenant matters

Once the terms of a commercial lease have been finalized after hours of careful negotiation and the necessary signatures are appended to the document, both property owners and tenants often breathe a sigh of relief, confident that the matter is effectively resolved and eager to turn their attention to other pressing matters.   

Can a real estate agent be held accountable for being unethical?

Those who have recently undergone the process of finding residential real estate to either rent or purchase likely found it to be an emotionally turbulent experience. Indeed, there was likely anxiety about money and frustration with the waiting game, but also great joy when the offer was accepted and satisfaction when the keys were finally handed over.

Why a food truck may prove to be a solid commercial real estate investment

For most people, the term commercial real estate investment invariably conjures up visions of significant amounts of money being put into office buildings, retail establishments and other large-scale developments. While this is by no means inaccurate, it's important to understand that it can also encompass other smaller ventures, including those in the food industry.

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