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Amendments and variances provide zoning flexibility in New York

In New York City, zoning laws are used to control and guide real estate development. But the city is constantly evolving, and authorities will sometimes allow a landowner to apply for a zoning change in order to develop a site. There are several ways a property owner can seek zoning changes in New York.

Understanding your rights in New York construction litigation

Construction litigation in New York is often risky and almost always complex. On a large commercial construction project there are typically many parties involved, including developers, landowners, architects, contractors, subcontractors and insurance companies. When a defect is discovered, determining who was at fault and who is legally responsible can involve tangled factual and legal issues.

Nuisance and lease violations addressed by new NYC legal bills

Disputes between landlords and tenants are unavoidable in New York. Given the large number of people who live in apartments or who are renting from another person in a private house, such issues as lease disputes, holdover actions, non-payment rent proceedings and nuisance and lease violations can crop up and lead to complicated disagreements from the perspective of both the tenant and the landlord. Having a grasp on how city laws can help to avoid these issues or protect those who believe the laws have been violated. Of course, if there is a problem or a legal violation, litigation is always an option.

New York rent control laws give tenants leverage in buyouts

When New York real estate developers acquire land for a project, they often need to demolish any existing buildings on the site before commencing construction. If the old structures include apartment buildings, they need to find a way to move tenants out of their homes. If the apartments are subject to New York's rent regulation laws, this often means negotiating a buyout with the tenant. And in recent years some of these buyouts have soared to tens of millions of dollars.

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