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Zoning changes would create more affordable housing in New York

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has long been an advocate of affordable housing in the city. Recently his vision of adding 80,000 affordable housing units took a step closer to reality when the administration released proposed zoning rules for certain areas of the city.

Knowledge of real estate transactions can be key

Real estate transactions can be complex which is why it is important to understand all elements of the process and what to expect when handling a real estate transaction which can help avoid real estate disputes down the road. Successful real estate transactions can be important to different types of businesses, trusts and commercial property owners and developers in New York City, as well as to others. The subject matter of real estate transactions can vary but can include office buildings; mixed-use properties; condos; new construction developments and others.

Remedies for encroaching structures in New York

New York is experiencing a construction boom, with new buildings going up all over the city. But, as construction heats up, so does the possibility of disputes between adjoining landowners. One common real estate dispute arises when a new structure encroaches onto

What are predicate notices in holdover actions in New York?

In New York City, a large number of people own real estate and have tenants in residential structures. While in many cases this goes smoothly and without any lasting problems, it's unavoidable that lease disputes, problems with tenants or landlords and other issues will arise. One issue that frequently comes up involves holdover actions. With holdover actions, the goal is to evict the resident who is not a tenant and it is not due to the failure to pay rent. In order to move forward with holdover actions, there must be predicate notices in place.

Subletting a New York rent-stabilized apartment

Rent-stabilized housing makes up a significant share of the New York residential property market. A question that often comes up is whether a tenant in a rent-regulated apartment has the right to sublet. The answer is generally yes, but there are some important qualifications, as well as some important rules that must be followed.

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