Despite no notice of eviction, family’s water is still cut off

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2013 | Residential Real Estate

Due to a contract dispute, one family has been forced to take drastic measures just to live in their home. A family of five rented a five-bedroom home that they located on Craigslist. According to the family, the Craigslist ad was actually a scam, although they have not received a notice of eviction. However, their water was still cut off. New York residents who find themselves in a similar situation might take note of the family’s solution.

A family of five including three young boys ranging ages from 7 to 11 years old found what they thought was a legitimate house to rent on Craigslist. They went through the entire process of signing a lease and paid thousands of dollars as upfront rent. Also, since they intended to utilize a rent-to-buy option, shelled out an additional $8,000 for necessary improvements.

Shortly after utilities were set up, the family found that their water was turned off. According to the local water company, their lease was not legal. But just shutting off the water wasn’t enough — the water company actually severed the pipes leading to the house. With nowhere else to go and three young boys to care for, the family turned to bottled water for simple acts such as flushing the toilet and brushing teeth.

The owner of the property, Aurora Loan Services, has not issued a notice of eviction. Instead of running from what may understandably be an embarrassing situation, the family is negotiating with the bank. They hope to be able to purchase the house from them directly since it was foreclosed on its former owner. Becoming embroiled in a real estate scam may be embarrassing for many New York residents, but this family has demonstrated that there are still options. If successful, purchasing the home from the bank may allow the family to continue living in the home with running water reconnected.

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