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Billing disputes, landlords and tenants: Resolve your issues

One thing that sometimes happens after a tenancy ends is that the landlord and tenant have a dispute about money owed. Even if a tenant pays through the lease, there may be damages and a deposit to deal with.

If you do end up in a billing dispute with your landlord, keep in mind that there are steps to take to resolve them amicably. With good negotiation skills and a cool head, it's easier to get through this situation.

Yes, you need a written contract for any home sale

Real estate transactions can become complicated and frustrating, but they don't have to be. In most cases, there is a contract that protects you and the other party in the case that one of you wants to back out or violates the contract in some way.

Some people believe that it's enough to have a verbal contract, but in real estate, that's not usually the reality. Usually, the contract has to be in writing to allow it to become enforceable. Some documents that must be in writing include:

  • Real-estate leases over a year in length
  • Contracts over the state-required amount of money
  • Contacts that last beyond the life of the person entering into it
  • Real estate sales

3 tips for a better landlord-tenant relationship

If you're a tenant and aren't sure if your landlord actually likes you, it's a good idea to understand what is and isn't good behavior from a tenant. By changing a few things, like how you handle problems at the house or reach out to your landlord, you can be a better tenant and get along with your landlord.

Here are just three things you can do to get along better with your landlord. Each one is simple, but they make a big difference.

Know your rights during a property dispute

One unusual dispute you may never have thought you'd have is over landscaping. If you landscape on your own property, you likely don't think others have a right to tell you what you can and can't do, as long as you have a landscape that is reasonable and well-kept.

One thing you will need to be cautious of are property boundaries, though. If you do not know the exact boundary, it's a wise idea to talk to someone about having it surveyed. You don't want to find out that a row of expensive plants you put in has encroached on the neighbor's land; if so, he or she could opt to rip them out.

Know your broker before you agree to work together in New York

As someone looking to make a real-estate purchase, it's your right to work with an agent who is on your side. While many people work with realtors, another option is to work with a real estate attorney. Your attorney has ways to help protect you that will help you make good decisions about your purchases.

There is always a potential for things to go wrong with a real estate sale in New York. Sometimes, the problem comes down to the realtors. Take, for instance, this report from June 12. It discusses that the state has fined and suspended several dozen real estate agents over their actions.

Tenant and landlords: Handling complaints

Tenants may have many complaints ranging from the serious to insignificant, but it's vital for landlords and tenants to be able to discuss complaints and come to an agreement on how to resolve them.

There are several common complaints among tenants that any landlord should know. Here are two common complaints you may come across:

Airbnb blamed for uptick in rental prices in New York

Rents have increased across New York City, and the reality is that Airbnb could be a cause. Airbnb allows for short-term rentals in apartments and homes across the city, but this, in turn, has led to a hike in rental prices. Why? It takes certain rental units off the market and makes it harder for long-term residents to find a place to live. This increases demand, leading to higher rental prices.

A report on the impact of the company's process on New York City's rents showed that if 1 percent of homes in an area were rented for Airbnb, then rates for rent went up by 1.58 percent. This happens for each percent in increases of Airbnb rental units. Estimates indicate that New York City's renters may have paid an additional $616 million in rent because of the company's encouragement of subleasing properties.

Landlords and tenants: Notes to remember

Landlords and tenants have to have a good relationship, or at least a civil relationship, to make any tenancy work. Landlords need to be respectful of tenants' rights, and tenants need to be respectful of the landlord's property. When the two come together and work together for both their benefit, there can be a great relationship that is profitable for the landlord and comfortable for the tenant.

There are laws in place to help make that situation a reality. Here are two you should know whether you're a landlord or tenant.

Real estate in New York City is becoming easier to afford

If you're interested in living in New York City, there's good news. Real estate in the city is becoming more affordable, making it easier for people to call New York City home.

The population of New York grew to over 8.6 million last year, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for continued growth. New Yorkers continue to look for places to live. Although the housing market is tight, prices aren't reflecting it.

Keeping your real estate transaction simple and smooth

If this is the first time you've looked into purchasing property, you may be interested in how to have the smoothest real estate transaction. It can be confusing to buy real estate, especially when you haven't been through the process in the past. Fortunately, it's fairly simple to understand.

To start with, you need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. By doing this, you show the seller that you can obtain the funds needed to purchase a home. This makes them take you more seriously.

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