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Real estate and business relationships are prone to complications and require our experienced counsel. Real estate owners, businesses, partners, shareholders, neighbors, tenants and family members sometimes find themselves at odds. Seemingly minor disputes can escalate into expensive, distracting and destructive legal conflicts.

The legal team at Nadel & Ciarlo, P.C., meets disputes and legal problems head-on, giving our clients immediate relief and protection. Our boutique litigation firm is known across New York City for practical solutions to complex disputes and powerful advocacy in the courtroom.

A Leader in Knowledge, Experience, Service and Results

Our experienced NYC attorneys draw on 20-plus years of industry-specific knowledge to provide customized legal counsel and impressive results. We pride ourselves on delivering the high quality of representation typically associated with law firms many times our size, while providing the attentive and individualized service of a small law practice.

Our diverse NYC clientele includes businesses and corporations of all sizes, cooperative and condominium boards, property owners, condo and co-op owners, shareholders, partners, commercial and residential landlords, property owners, management companies, individuals, and tenants. We are renowned for our capabilities regarding:

Custom Solutions for Complex Disputes

We relish our role as results-oriented problem solvers. We enjoy our reputation as effective litigators. Our attorneys expend every effort and explore every option to resolve conflicts and litigation in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner. Whether you are initiating legal action or being forced to defend your interests, our powerful advocacy offers you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome.

Nadel & Ciarlo emphasizes a comprehensive approach that looks beyond the immediate impasse to focus on the bigger picture. Whether hired to fight to win at all costs or to be mindful of our clients' bottom line, or when there is a need to preserve ongoing relationships and goodwill, our lawyers pursue "victory" in court while also seeking an opportunity for a "win-win" solution when appropriate.

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You will find our New York City real estate attorneys and business and landlord-tenant lawyers exceptionally well-versed in every aspect of your dispute, from out-of-court options to the stages and strategies of litigation. We invite you to call our Manhattan office at 212-317-9500 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.