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Neighbor disputes due to water damage

As a homeowner, you have a certain amount of control when it comes to how you protect and manage your property. But, of course, you can never control the threats that your property faces. While you can control the security measures that you put around the boundaries of your property, you will not be able to control whether criminals attempt to break and enter.

You don't always have to pay to fix nonpermitted renovations

If there's one thing that you know as a New York City resident, it's that real estate is quite costly here. One of the worst things that can happen to you as a new homeowner is for you to try and renovate your home only to find out that unauthorized work has been previously performed on it. Situations like this happen quite frequently here in Manhattan. If this has happened to you, then you may wonder who you can hold financially liable for remedying any non-permitted renovations.

Overcoming a dispute with your neighbors

Having a good relationship with those who live close to you can add quality to your life and give you a sense of community. Even if you are not on particularly good terms with your neighbors, you likely do what you can to keep things civil. However, if you are finding that your neighbor's behavior is no longer tolerable, you may be curious as to how the law could help you.

Zoning restrictions impact both use and land value

Zoning restrictions can lead to complicated real estate transactions and even disputes when the restrictions are not clear or are misrepresented in some fashion. The reason that these situations are so tricky is that the restrictions from the city can have a massive impact on both the way that you can use the land and the value of that land.

Resolving a dispute with your homeowners association

If you have purchased real estate that is controlled by a homeowners association, it means that you are automatically part of the association after the purchase. This usually means that you have to pay a certain amount of money to contribute to the running of the homeowners association and to maintain the upkeep of shared facilities.

How do I avoid commission disputes when buying a home?

If you are in the process of buying a home in the state of New York, you will want to make the best possible choice with respect to recruiting a real estate agent. Many buyers falsely assume that only the seller of the home needs to pay commission. It is important that you are not naive regarding this issue, since it is becoming increasingly common for home buyers to commit to paying a share of the commission.

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