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Negotiating the terms of a commercial lease

When a business is deciding on a location and where it would like to set up shop in New York, the costs of a commercial lease will greatly impact where the business will be located and how long it can stay there. And depending on the current state of the commercial real estate market, a business might be able to obtain significant concessions from the property owner if they use the market and other conditions of the building to their advantage.

New York commercial property owners cashing in on boom

As values of New York commercial real estate continue to rise, many building owners are putting their properties on the market early, often scrapping plans to redevelop the building or sign up new tenants. In some cases owners who purchased a property less than a year ago are looking for buyers.

What is a Yellowstone injunction under New York law?

For a New York commercial tenant, obtaining and keeping a lease is critical to the success of the business. Losing a commercial lease through forfeiture based on an alleged lease violation can threaten a business's survival. To make things worse, when a landlord threatens to terminate the lease or serves a notice to cure or notice of default, the tenant may have only a matter of days to resolve the problem before facing eviction.

Experienced lawyers for commercial property lease disputes

For the owner or operator of a store, restaurant or office in New York City, negotiating a favorable lease is often a critical factor in their business's success. Similarly, owners of commercial real estate depend on the cash flow from the monthly rent payments they receive from tenants. For both landlords and tenants a clear and unambiguous lease agreement is essential. But even the most carefully negotiated lease can't prevent every dispute that may arise.

New York approves new tower in exchange for subway upgrades

Developing commercial real estate in New York is a complicated process, to say the least. In addition to the parties directly involved in the transaction, state and local government bodies often play an important role in moving a project forward. A project recently approved by the New York City Council is a good example.

What rights do commercial property owners have in foreclosure?

Residential foreclosures became a topic of national importance during the recent recession. While foreclosures of commercial property did not become a national issue, they take place on a regular basis in New York and around the country. When owners of commercial real estate face foreclosure by a lender, they should keep in mind that they do have rights under New York law.

New York City's Helmsley Building sold for $1.2 billion

The historic office tower at 230 Park Avenue, commonly referred to as the Helmsley Building, has been sold for $1.2 billion. The deal is one of the biggest Manhattan office building transactions in recent years. The 34-story building sits astride Park Avenue just north of Grand Central Station. The tower was constructed in 1929 by the New York Central Railroad Company and served as its headquarters for many years.

What are key negotiating points in a New York commercial lease?

Renting commercial space in New York City can be a complex proposition. Whether you are looking for retail space, office space or industrial property, it is important to understand key lease provisions and negotiate terms that are as favorable as possible.

Canadian investors like New York commercial real estate

According to a recent news report, Canadian investors are buying heavily in U.S. commercial real estate, including at least one landmark property in Manhattan. Developers and pension funds from north of the border are reportedly looking to the U.S. market because the large Canadian pension funds have a tight grip on the domestic market, and comparatively few Canadian properties are being traded.

Real estate firm to renovate Soho landmark

When a commercial property owner gets into litigation with a tenant, the expense can be a huge drain on the bottom line. Sometimes it takes a little outside help to resolve the situation and get back to making a respectable profit. For the owners of the International Olive Building, a landmarked structure at the corner of Broome Street and Mercer Street in Soho, that outside help came from Crown Acquisitions, who took out a 49-year lease to manage the building.

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