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Resolving Disputes Involving Rent-Stabilized and Rent-Controlled Buildings in New York City

The law firm of Nadel & Ciarlo provides effective representation to residential owners and tenants of market and rent-regulated properties. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of rent stabilization, rent control, multiple dwelling laws and the NYC Administrative Code.

This area of the law is very complex and fact-specific, involving the New York City Civil Housing Courts and state agencies (HPD and DCHR). We represent both landlords and tenants in hearings, motion arguments and trials.

Resolving Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Issues in NYC

More than 1 million apartment units in New York are rent-stabilized or rent-controlled. Tenants are protected from market rate increases in rent and have the right to renew. Other occupants may have a right to succession by a qualifying family member, spouse or companion. Tenants of rent-regulated properties are a protected class; not only is the rent fixed or controlled but they can only be evicted for specific reasons.

Our representation in this area of law includes:

  • Illegal sublets
  • Nonprimary residence
  • Succession
  • Nuisance (noise, disturbance, pets and criminal activity)
  • Personal use holdover (landlord intends to occupy the unit)
  • Termination notices
  • Failure to renew the lease
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Constructive eviction
  • Abatement
  • Luxury decontrol
  • DHCR
  • Chronic nonpayment

There are very specific procedures to follow in a holdover action or rent-based eviction proceeding. Our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of the Housing Court process, as well as the rent regulatory laws, including rent stabilization, rent control, Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) issues, and Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) rules.

In addition to eviction and holdover proceedings, our firm is called upon to negotiate buyouts of rent stabilized and rent-controlled apartments. A unit with a regulated rent can involve large financial interests. We represent tenants or landlords in these negotiations.

We Have Experience With Rent Regulation Apartments

Our lawyers protect tenants from forfeiting rent-regulated apartments for trumped-up or fabricated reasons, and we enforce the rights of landlords to evict tenants as permitted by law or if they are violating the lease or using a rent-regulated property improperly.

Please call our New York rent-stabilization and rent-control attorneys at 212-317-9500 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.