Can you navigate real estate litigation on your own?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Real Estate Disputes

When two parties to a contract cannot see eye-to-eye, they may turn to mediation, arbitration or attorney-led negotiation to sort out their differences. Yet, negotiation doesn’t always “get the job done.” Sometimes, either due to the stakes or complexity of a matter, the non-responsiveness of one or more parties or the refusal of one or more parties to engage in good faith resolution efforts, litigation becomes necessary.

In recent years, the “do it yourself” mentality has once again become fashionable. There are many reasons why taking a DIY approach to various challenges is laudable, especially under circumstances wherein no one is unreasonably risking harm by undertaking a task on one’s own. However, as is the case with so many complex matters that ordinarily require professional assistance, taking a DIY approach to real estate litigation is not a good idea.

Seeking support

Real estate law is among the most complex areas of law in the U.S. There are often so many regulatory hurdles, administrative challenges and competing interests “at play” that navigating a significant real estate dispute on your own is likely a recipe for a poor outcome unless you happen to be a real estate attorney.

Assuming that you are not a real estate attorney, if you are dealing with a situation that has either already become contentious or is likely to become contentious, seeking legal guidance as soon as you can will likely benefit you and empower you in ways that taking a “DIY” approach to your situation simply couldn’t. When it comes to real estate litigation, knowledge is power and legal professionals who practice this area of law tend to have a lot of it.