Answer 2 questions before pursuing construction defect litigation

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Construction

One of the contractors who worked on your recently built home performed substandard work that caused several construction defects. You have tried to get them to correct the matter repeatedly, and now they don’t even answer your calls.

Unfortunately, situations like yours plague many who own newly constructed homes and commercial operations. When your contractors ignore or refuse your attempts to remedy the issue, litigation could be your best solution.

It helps to prepare for New York construction defect claims and litigation. A simple way to start is by answering a couple of questions.

Do you know who is actually liable?

The general contractor is typically on the hook in construction defect claims, even if they did not perform the faulty work. Other parties you may also target include subcontractors and materials providers.

In some situations, defects arise through services that other entities like designers and architects provide. Other times, multiple parties may be responsible. Knowing who is liable can help you avoid delays in your claim.

Can you prove it?

You must still prove your case even when you already know who is liable for the defects. It helps if you have saved every piece of documentation related to the building of your home. You definitely need a copy of the construction contracts you and the other parties signed.

If you lack proof and cannot determine exactly who to target, legal guidance can help you organize your case and locate those responsible for the defects. Property and construction laws in New York are complex, so this guidance can improve your chance of a favorable outcome.