What can you do if you have awful neighbors?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes

You found the perfect house for your family and spent a lot of money to make it yours. You thought you accounted for everything that could make the property a poor choice, but you forgot about the one variable that is always hard to predict: the bad neighbor.

There are bad neighbors, and then there are awful neighbors. Minor incidents like barking dogs and occasional blaring music are annoying but harmless. However, if the situation escalates into property damage or physical harm, you need to resolve your circumstances.

What’s the worst that could happen?

In a worst-case scenario, an awful neighbor could cause you or a family member to suffer injury or death intentionally or accidentally. Fortunately, incidents like this do not happen very often.

Property damage, on the other hand, occurs much more often. Sometimes, what begins as a simple dispute between neighbors evolves into a rage-fueled war. Over time, the property owner next door uses increasingly harmful methods of asserting their so-called rights. In extreme cases, this could lead to intentional harm to your property. 

What can you do about an awful neighbor?

Even if you know you are right, avoid sparring with an awful neighbor. Typically, engaging them further or acting in vengeance will likely worsen your situation. Do ask the neighbor to cease the unwanted behaviors. If they refuse or ignore your request, consider using the law.

When your neighbor does things that put your property or well-being at risk, make a formal complaint with the police. Often, this will stop the conduct, but it could also make it worse. Make sure to get a copy of each police report that occurs.

Finally, take your police reports to someone with experience in real estate law to ask about your legal options. Learning more about New York real estate and neighbor disputes can help you find a remedy.