What to know about zoning disputes

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Zoning disputes are common. Often, there is a fundamental misunderstanding that triggers a zoning conflict. When friction arises, it is unpleasant for all parties.

Resolving such clashes with speed is in the best interest of everyone. Having an awareness of this real estate issue can help neutralize trouble.

Zoning dispute problems

Adjoining residents sometimes argue over land barriers. Resolving this type of confusion is a big reason zoning laws exist. Other zoning battles arise between commercial buildings and private residences that abut them. One example is the parking lot of a business causing a continual nuisance to those living nearby.

Sightlines are another concern. Homeowners may become frustrated with having views from their homes disrupted by advertising.

Businesses, such as manufacturers, may reduce the quality of life for surrounding citizens. Cited causes include air, water, and noise pollution.

Zoning dispute resolutions

Solving clashes between private citizens sometimes involves approaching the local government. If a resolution is not independently possible, official intervention solves the matter.

Court injunctions are typical between commercial entities and entire communities. This is especially true in cases of illegal activity, such as the dumping of toxic chemicals. Damages are claimable if the source of the dispute causes a litigant economic loss. If the effects are wide-reaching, complainants may file a class-action lawsuit.

When people live next to one another, there is the real possibility that a zoning struggle may develop. Stay aware of what can happen between neighbors, and know how to react when a clash impacts you.