What are your alternatives to litigation?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes

When dealing with real estate disputes, it will undoubtedly put pressure on you and cause you stress. Of course, going through litigation will only exacerbate this stress. But did you know that you do not necessarily need to go to court to resolve your disputes?

Instead, you can consider alternatives to litigation. Each one offers unique benefits which may suit your situation well.


The Balance examines some alternative dispute resolution methods that might serve a better purpose than litigation. Two of the most popular are arbitration and mediation.

Arbitration is similar to litigation, and an arbitrator also holds a similar job. They listen to you present your case and its details. All parties will provide their side of the story to the arbitrator. This person then makes a legally binding decision, which all parties must act on and carry out. However, you do not need a court date or a jury hearing to proceed with this option.


The other possibility is mediation. This works best for issues that do not require a lot of oversight. If you think you can talk things out on your own but just need a little extra structure and guidance, this may work for you. A mediator cannot make legally binding decisions for you, but they can offer advice and ensure all parties get to have their say.

Note that in some cases, litigation really does work out for the best. For example, if your case involves a high amount of assets or money, you likely want to have a judge handle it. Otherwise, you can consider these other methods instead.