Property damage and disputes between landlords and tenants

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

Whether you are currently renting an apartment or house or you are a landlord, there are a host of legal issues to take into consideration, especially if a dispute surfaces. Disagreements can arise for many reasons, but some are especially contentious and complex. For example, if a tenant damages property or is falsely accused of damaging property, this is often a difficult matter to handle. 

Regardless of the challenges that you are facing, it is imperative to go over your rights and the unique details of your case. 

Looking at tenant responsibilities

According to the City of New York’s website, tenants have a number of legal rights as well as responsibilities. For example, tenants are not allowed to damage the building and there are various ways in which damage occurs. From holes in the wall to burns, broken windows and broken doors, rental properties are damaged in various ways. Sometimes, tenants are wrongly accused of damaging property even though the damage existed before they moved in. On the other hand, some tenants deny wrongdoing even though they are responsible for serious damage. 

Looking at the impact of property damage

From financial penalties to negative emotions, disputes involving landlords and tenants are often very difficult. Property damage is often very costly for landlords and very upsetting. Moreover, some tenants have difficulty proving that they are not responsible for the damage. In some instances, these disputes are resolved outside of the courtroom, while contentious litigation is unavoidable in other situations. Try to maintain a positive attitude and firmly stand up for your rights if such a dispute has come up.