Landlords, tenants and oral agreements

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

When it comes to rentals, many landlords and tenants sign written agreements in order to clearly outline the terms of the rental. However, there are a number of legal concerns that arise with respect to rental agreements, whether a tenant loses a copy of the contract or a written agreement is never signed. Sometimes, landlords and tenants rely on oral agreements and it is important to understand legal considerations regarding oral leases.

Sometimes, landlords and tenants are unaware of their rights and responsibilities with respect to rental contracts, which highlights the importance of reviewing the laws in New York.

The enforcement of oral agreements

According to the Official Website of the City of New York, oral agreements between landlords and tenants are not enforceable after more than one year. However, it is permissible for landlords and tenants to enter into oral agreements, so long as the dwelling is not rent-stabilized. However, written contracts often help prevent disputes, especially since there is the possibility that either party will forget certain conditions of an oral lease.

The impact of a rental dispute

When rental disputes arise, there are many different issues that landlords and tenants need to take into consideration. Sometimes, these disagreements are especially challenging when there is no written contract in place and it can become harder for each party to prove their case. However, just because a written contract does not exist, this does not mean that landlords can ignore their responsibilities or tenants can violate certain aspects of the agreement. Rental disputes can bring up strong emotions, financial problems and legal stressors, so it is pivotal for people to approach these disagreements carefully.