What rights do renters have in New York City?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

Many people who are renting housing are unaware of their rights. If you rent a house or an apartment in New York, you must be fully aware of both your rights and your landlord’s responsibilities toward you. If you aren’t, you may unwittingly have a negative experience.

Your landlord has a wide range of responsibilities to which they should adhere. While many of their responsibilities will be defined by your contract, there are also certain legal obligations that landlords have in New York. The following is an overview of these.

Renters have right to live free from leaks, pests and hazards

If your building in New York City is unsafe, has a pest problem or another hazardous condition, it is your landlord’s legal obligation to fix it. Landlords must maintain liveable units. This means that heat and hot water should work, plumbing should be properly maintained and there should be no hazardous conditions such as mold, vermin or a lack of window guards.

Tenants’ security deposits are limited

Recent laws passed in New York limit the amount that a renter is obliged to pay as a security deposit on a rental unit. The maximum a landlord can collect as a security deposit is one month’s rent, and they must return this deposit within 14 days of the termination of the lease, minus any deductions for repairs.

If you are a tenant in New York City and you want to assert your rights, you should first make sure that you are fully aware of the ways that you are legally protected.