Resolving a dispute with your homeowners association

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes

If you have purchased real estate that is controlled by a homeowners association, it means that you are automatically part of the association after the purchase. This usually means that you have to pay a certain amount of money to contribute to the running of the homeowners association and to maintain the upkeep of shared facilities.

While homeowners associations are set up with the intention of benefitting the lives of all the members, disputes between a homeowner and the association itself can sometimes arise. If you have found yourself in a dispute with your homeowners association, you may need to look at your legal options so that you are able to resolve the issue.

What are the most common types of disputes relating to homeowners associations?

Some homeowners associations will have certain rules that all members must adhere to. For example, they may demand that all members maintain the front of their property by keeping it painted a certain color. If a member violates this regulation, they might be subject to a fine. If this fine is contested, a dispute may arise.

Additionally, homeowners association disputes may arise when a homeowner or group of homeowners disagree with the way that the association is spending the funds.

How can disputes be resolved?

Disputes between homeowners and the association may be successfully resolved through a mediation process.

If you are feeling stressed because of a dispute with your homeowners association, you should be proactive in learning about your legal rights. By preparing early, you have a greater chance of being successful and efficiently resolving the dispute.