Do the following things before renting out your New York property

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

If you are a landlord and you are going through the process of renting out your property in New York, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to ensure that no disputes arise. Disputes between landlords and tenants can be stressful for everyone involved, and they can also lead to costly litigation. Furthermore, they can often be avoided through proper communication from the start.

There are many things that you can do to make sure each person’s responsibilities are made clear. A lot of this can be done through the lease terms. The following are some tips to make your role as a New York landlord easier.

Make sure maintenance responsibilities are clearly defined

If there is an outside space such as a garden, you should clearly define who has the responsibility to rake leaves and mow the lawn.

Don’t allow hoarding of items on the property

When tenants start to store broken down cars and other pieces of junk on the property, this can be problematic, and the neighbors can become angry. It is always wise to include a clause prohibiting this on the lease.

Clearly prohibit the running of a business on the property

Issues can arise further down the line if you learn that your tenant has been running a business on the property. You may not be able to do anything about this unless you have clearly prohibited running a business on the property as part of the lease.

If you want to draft a comprehensive lease contract as a landlord, it is important that you conduct thorough research.