My house needs repairs: What should my landlord do?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

When you rent a property, one of the biggest questions is what happens if something breaks. Depending on the contract and rental agreement you signed, it may be your responsibility to replaced damaged appliances. In some contracts, the landlord will replace damaged goods.

Tenants are entitled to apartments fit for habitation. The home should not be hazardous or present a danger to the tenant’s health or safety. Tenants can seek repairs directly from the landlord if something happens to violate the Warranty of Habitability, but if the damage stems from a tenant’s actions, the landlord may not have to pay for the cost of those repairs.

What should you do if your property needs repairs?

It’s advisable to contact your landlord first and then discuss the repairs needed. If the superintendent of the building or your landlord isn’t responding to your requests, you can write a letter reminding the building owner of the problem and asking for repairs within a specified time frame. Keep a copy of the letter and make sure you send it via certified mail. Finally, if you did not get a response in this way, you can seek a response by getting in touch with the landlord by phone or in person.

If this doesn’t get you the results you need, then it’s possible to perform the repair on our own and to deduct the cost from your rent. It’s advisable to speak with your attorney to make sure you meet the Housing Maintenance Code before doing so since you want to do repairs that meet local requirements.