Tenant and landlords: Handling complaints

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

Tenants may have many complaints ranging from the serious to insignificant, but it’s vital for landlords and tenants to be able to discuss complaints and come to an agreement on how to resolve them.

There are several common complaints among tenants that any landlord should know. Here are two common complaints you may come across:

Poor communication

In today’s world, there is simply no excuse for poor communication from a tenant or landlord. Tenants become unhappy when there isn’t any communication about problems or when they’ll be resolved. Landlords don’t like when tenants don’t report problems in a timely manner or respond to requests to enter. Keep in mind that an open line of communication is the key to a successful rental agreement.


There is little worse than an invasion of bugs in your home, mice in your cupboards or other pests keeping you up at night. As a landlord, you want to know there are pests quickly, so you can prevent their spread. As a tenant, you want them taken care of, so you can rest easy. Schedule a prompt appointment with the tenant and then make a plan to resolve the problem, so you both know the property has been taken care of.

With both of these issues, the primary way to keep landlords and tenants happy is through good communication and discussion. If communication is a problem for an extended period, keep in mind that you may need to go through an attorney to get the situation resolved or to move the process along.

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