How to prevent leasing to a bad tenant

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Landlord/Tenant Matters

As a landlord, you understand the importance of finding a good tenant. With this person in place, you don’t have nearly as much to worry about. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, there could come a time when you’re stuck with a bad tenant and wondering what to do next.

Before you find yourself in this position, it’s best to learn more about the steps you can take to prevent leasing to a bad tenant. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a background check. This can go a long way in helping you learn more about a person, thus giving you a better idea of if you should rent your property to him or her.
  • Interview the applicant in great detail. Don’t just assume a person is going to be a good tenant. Instead, conduct a thorough interview that will give you a better idea of what he or she is all about.
  • Ask for references. For example, you can ask a prospective tenant to provide you with references from past landlords, if available. If the person was a good tenant in the past, there is a greater chance he or she will be a good tenant in the future.

Following these steps does not guarantee you will avoid a bad tenant, but they can definitely work in your favor.

If you find yourself stuck with a bad tenant, you may need to learn more about your legal rights at some point. For example, if the person isn’t paying his or her rent in full or on time, you’ll want to consider the type of legal action you can take.

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