Joan Rivers embroiled in New York condo battle

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Real Estate Disputes

A woman who is fighting over a condominium in New York with famed actress Joan Rivers is also facing title issues with her palatial Miami estate. The woman is accused of failing to pay for the $5.1 million Florida mansion. So far, the company who sold her the house has had no luck recovering the millions the woman still owes on the mortgage. Representatives from that company say they sympathize with Rivers, who has been pursuing legal action against the woman for years.

The facts in the New York case indicate that the woman may be a skilled “professional debtor,” according to attorneys. The woman signed over her interest in the Manhattan condominium in July. In response, the company that now holds the title to the property filed a suit against Rivers, who is the condo board president for the building. The Belize-based firm that owns the condo is arguing that the woman deserves to use the building when she visits New York, but Rivers is fighting to recover some $200,000 in board fees that the woman still owes.

Both sides are locked in a financial battle over that Manhattan property. The company that sold the woman her Miami estate was attempting to recover financial assets from the woman’s New York holdings; she was able to transfer the condo to another entity before that claim could be fulfilled. It appears that the woman is attempting to avoid paying the settlement to the Florida property’s real estate company, so she is shuffling assets.

In addition, the fight with Rivers appears to have gotten personal; the woman in this case has insulted Rivers in the media, calling her offensive names as the lawsuit continues.

In this case, the woman was within her rights to transfer her property to another entity. These complicated legal proceedings are likely to continue for some time; both parties could benefit from the continued assistance of qualified real estate attorneys. These professionals can help identify the legal procedures that can protect their clients from fraudulent activities and unfair maneuvers.

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