Small businesses fighting city eviction notice near Citi Field

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Commercial Real Estate

Eviction notices can be difficult to fight, especially when the city is the one pursuing the eviction. An example of the difficulties of fighting an eviction notice issued by the city can be seen through the recent eviction notices sent to roughly 90 small businesses near Citi Field in Willets Point.

The city sent eviction notices to mainly auto repair shops and scrap yard shops near Citi Field. The notice included an offer to pay the owners a year’s worth of rent if they vacated the area by the end of November this year. This city wants to build a mall in the area and create a better neighborhood.

Many of the small business owners say they understand why the city wants to build a new shopping and entertainment center in the area. However, many businesses are worried about finding a new address for their business and if they can afford to move.

These concerns have led to several small business owners going to court to fight the eviction notices. Some business owners said that they will do whatever they can to delay the eviction process, and they will continue to fight to keep their businesses in Willets Point.

This case is an example of how individuals or businesses can fight eviction notices. Tenants and business owners have the right to know what they are being evicted for, and they do have the option to fight the eviction in court.

Fighting an eviction notice can be difficult and challenging. Individuals or businesses planning to fight an eviction notice should understand New York’s eviction laws and consult a real estate attorney for specific advice.

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