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New York City Co-Op And Condo Law Attorneys

Cooperatives and condominium transactions are subject to a complex set of external laws, and co-op and condo operations are in turn governed by a maze of self-imposed rules and contractual relationships. The attorneys of Nadel & Ciarlo are well-versed in the intertwined legal and administrative issues that constitute co-op and condominium law.

Our experienced attorneys are sought out by boards and managers, as well as condo owners and co-op shareholders, to navigate the legal landscape, resolve disputes and litigate when necessary. We are known throughout New York City for our extensive knowledge and courtroom advocacy in this specialized area of the law.

Manhattan Condominium Lawyers
Legal Counsel For Cooperatives and Condos

Co-op and condo matters may involve bylaws, proprietary leases, house rules, regulations or leases. Our diverse experience allows our legal team to navigate a solution-directed strategy, with litigation available when it becomes apparent that conflicts must be resolved in court.

Our cooperative and condominium practice includes:

  • Representation of owners/shareholders — We advocate for unit owners in disputes with the board, control of the board and disputes with other residents.
  • Representation of co-op and condo boards — We provide general counsel to boards and manage all legal issues and disputes that arise.
  • Resolution of construction, management and repair issues — Our lawyers represent either party regarding improvements, alteration agreements, repairs, damage, building and common area issues, common charge and maintenance fees, and construction defects.

Comprehensive Experience In NYC Co-op And Condo Law

We enable co-op and condo boards, as well as unit owners, to avert many problems and to deal resolutely with those that arise. We protect the rights and vested interest of board, shareholders and owners. When out-of-court remedies are exhausted, we apply our formidable litigation approach to represent clients in city, state and federal courts of New York City. Please call our New York City co-op law lawyers at 212-317-9500 for all legal issues pertaining to condos and cooperatives, or contact us online to arrange an appointment.

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